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I want to start by saying thank you for visiting my page and what an honor it is. Allow me to share a sliver of what I am about in my business. I come from a background of labor work and long nightshift hours. I was raised to be polite, courteous, and have a high moral character. With that being said, I have the drive to overcome any obstacle put in my path. I also am full of integrity and will serve you the best I know how. 

"Oh, by the way..I am never too busy for your referrals."

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03/13/2020 - zuser20160715095248806
Bought a Single Family home in 2019 in Raytown, MO.

Natosha has the resources and the support of full team. Her skill-set, talents, and team proved their value in an industry full of avaricious (un)professionals. Natosha was transparent; with, and during the entire process. Natosha was upfront and forthcoming with all financial information involved with all aspects of home purchase. Natosha was always available for questions and provided truthful information. We asked Natosha very difficult questions about the process and she always answered the questions, NEVER did she lie, as is the industry standard. Home buying is an arduous process and without Natosha we would have never completed and finalized the purchase of this home. Natosha is honest, transparent, plays hardball in negotiations, and will always work in truth for the team. Never did we doubt her integrity and the desire to do what is right.


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